Design and production

Design and production

From idea to finished product

It’s about striving for perfection

This is essential in the process from the first illustration to the finished Petit Piao® item is in your hands.

We work with colors and materials from our suppliers to create samples to our stockists before the production. We do not stock items but only produce according to sales.

Hand-drawn illustrations

Beautiful color combinations and hand-drawn illustrations characterize each Petit Piao® collection.

A calm hand moves the pen across the paper and draw illustrations of beautiful berries or other elements from nature.

We strive for quality throughout the entire process from the first illustration on paper to the finished item.

“Petit Piao® is produced in soft and natural materials such as wool, modal and OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, with plenty of comfortability

Production with care

Most of our Petit Piao collection is produced on one
family-owned factory located in the countryside in southern India. The factory is certified after international standards and certifications.
The factory installed solar cells in 2020 which produces 98% of the electricity for the production
and the factory has its own water system
The canteen serves 3 meals a day for employees
and provides school and kindergarten for children and housing for the employees who do not live nearby The land around the factory is available free of charge to small farmers who keep goats.
Each Petit Piao® collection is produced in “Limited Edition” to avoid overproduction and environmental impact. We only produce to placed orders.