Petit Piao - Historien bag børnetøjet

Petit Piao®
...Inspired by nature

nature as inspiration

During a walk along a beach by the North Sea shore in 2019,

fthe idea of a clothing collection for the little ones was born

We wanted to create sustainable clothing for babies and playful toddlers, inspired by the Danish west coast nature

in our vicinity

Quality for everyday life

We design high quality comfortably clothes

in natural materials

Petit Piao means “little spinning top”

“children’s clothing designed by inspiration from the colors of the Danish west coast nature”

Hand-drawn Illustrations

Beautiful color combinations and hand-drawn illustrations characterize each

Petit Piao® collection.

Ane’s calm hand moves the pen across the paper and creates beautiful berries or other illustrations inspired by nature.

We strive for quality throughout the entire process from the first illustration on paper to the finished item.