Petit Piao - SS2022

Spring Summer 22

“Inspired by the beauty of nature”

By the west coast

”The scent of clean linen and flowers and the buzzing of bees.

The roaring ocean, spring has arrived at the west coast”

"We need to care of the bies"

Let your child make a home for the insects

Start with a wooden frame and make small rooms filled with different materials, e.g.,

branches, twigs, straw, hay, bamboo sticks in small pieces, spruce cones, moss, shells, wood and bricks in small pieces, broken pottery, wool, and rope.

Complete the rooms with the materials and leave enough air to let in the insects

The insects will enjoy their new home and your children will gain an understanding and love of nature

Looking for adventure

“Indifferent of age, we yarn to experience and feel the world, run through wet gras with laughter, the wind blowing in our hair – the feeling of freedom”

Wild on purpose

“We have planted wild seeds in sandy ground,

and throughout the summer, beautiful flowersappear

plenty for insects and small bouquets in vases”

The colors of nature

”Petit Piao® SS22 present beautifully hand drawn prints and colors

reminiscent of a lovely summer day with the warm scent

of lavender, green grass and flowers inshades of pastels”

Soft and natural materials

”OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, modal and wool are soft, natural and comfortably materials”

The North Sea

”We find much inspiration in the nature by the North Sea.

The smell of the sea, waves roaring in the distance and sand between the toes constitutes happiness. Off to the sea with beach chairs and a swing ring, looking forward to building sandcastles and dipping the feet”

Mix & Match

“Use your imagination –

mix and match colored leggings with the striped dress,

add a printed hat – anything goes

Enjoy Petit Piao® SS22